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Student Disciplinary

1. Introduction

Sewa Community College is committed to ensuring the maintenance of a community in which both learners and staff can work or study to the best of their abilities. The Sewa Community College culture believes in the idea of mutual respect and co-operation which provides the foundation for the orderly conduct of the Sewa Community College community. The Student Disciplinary Procedures provide a framework for managing student behaviour in order to ensure the proper functioning or activities of the Sewa Community College for those who work or study in the University.

2. Scope 

The procedures apply: 

  • To all learners of the Sewa Community College whether full time or part time. 
  • To all learners studying at the Sewa Community College, whether or not the course or programme of study is validated by or associated with any other institution. 
  • To all learners studying in off-site provision i.e. work experience, education a visits, work based learning.

The purpose of the procedures: 

  • To help and encourage students to achieve and maintain acceptable standards for: 
  • Attendance and punctuality 
  • Behaviour
  • Commitment to their work 
  • To ensure commitment and fair treatment for all in relation to disciplinary action taken in response to allegations of unacceptable conduct or performance 

The procedure will be followed in the order of stages as set out below. However, offenses of a serious nature may be brought into the procedure at any stage if an earlier stage would not be severe enough or appropriate to deal with it i.e. the procedure for a major disciplinary offense may commence at Stage3.

This document provides details on:

  • Disciplinary offenses
  • Major disciplinary offenses
  • Suspension pending disciplinary action Formal procedures: 
  • Stage 1 -informal 
  • Stage 2 -formal
  • Stage 3 -Final
  • Disciplinary Review meetings
  • Disciplinary Hearings 
  • Appeals against Exclusion

3. Disciplinary offenses

Misconduct is defined as any conduct within the Misconduct is defined as any conduct within the Sewa Community College campus which interferes with, disrupts or obstructs the activities of the Sewa Community College, or of another student or of members of staff of the Sewa Community College in carrying out their duties, or of any other person legitimately on the Sewa Community College promises such as a visitor or supplier of services.

The following constitute misconduct and as such should be regarded as disciplinary offenses:

  • Consumption/possession of alcohol smoking or vaping within any Sewa Community College building, or in any other unauthorized area
  • Absence without permission or other good reason from scheduled classes. Poor attendance or recurrent lateness which is not justified by illness or other good reason
  • Failure without good reason to meet assignment deadlines
  • Breach of Sewa Community College rules such as ID cards not being worn visibly at all times or refusing to show them on request, abusive language and gestures to the students or staff and caps or hoods being worn while on Sewa Community College premises
  • Eating or drinking in the University Learning Resource Center or other unauthorized areas.Water in a sealable, clear container and food and drink required for medical purposes is permitted
  • Using a digital device (e.g. mobile phone, MP3 Player etc) which is not linked to the learning process or in any way which is contrary to Sewa Community College Policy on this matter 
  • Persistent distracting behavior in the classroom which impedes the learning of self and others
  • For international students, non-compliance with Indian Border Agency regulations regarding attendance and punctuality, accommodation arrangements or other rules affecting the Sewa Community College sponsorship of student visas

The above examples are not exhaustive or exclusive and offenses of a similar nature will be dealt with under this Procedure.

If such disciplinary offenses occur, the member of staff involved should deal with them after themselves and should report it via registry. Teachers can take action directly if it occurs with their students. In some instances, if the student continues to breach rules or behaviours are considered as major disciplinary offenses, the member of staff should refer to the relevant Head of the department.

Staff dealing with disciplinary offenses should:

  • Remind the student of the relevant Sewa Community College rules
  • Minimize the opportunity for other students to get involved i.e. move from the scene of conflict or see a student after class
  • Call another member of staff and police if there is any perceived threat to the safety of themselves or others

4. Major disciplinary offenses

The following constitute gross misconduct and as such should be regarded as major disciplinary offenses: 

  • Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behavior and language whilst on Sewa Community College premises or engaged in any Sewa Community College activity
  • Breach of theSewa Community College policies in relation to the acceptable use of Information Communication Technology; such as abusive or offensive emails, including the use of another person’s email; using Sewa Community College computer resources to download material of a pornographic from the internet, or in any other way to transmit or retrieve material of this kind
  • Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty in relation to the Sewa Community Collegeor its staff or in connection with holding any office in the Sewa Community College, or in relation to being a student of the Sewa Community College
  • Academic cheating, including plagiarism, forgery, impersonation and any other form of cheating in assessments or examinations 
  • Action likely to cause injury or impair safety either on Sewa Community College premises or on any other sites associated with the Sewa Community College through its professional or other programmes. This includes assisting unauthorized entry to any Sewa Community College site
  • Acts of disturbance which threaten the rights and privacy of any staff/students, whilst on Sewa Community College premises, engaged in Sewa Community College activity. 
  • Harassment of any kind, including sexual, homophobic, disability or racial harassment of any student, member of staff or other employee of the Sewa Community College  or any authorized visitor to the Sewa Community College , including that committed by electronic or other remote means 
  • Incitement for others to commit self-harm, through use of drink or drugs or as part of group self- harm practices (such as cutting)
  • Unfounded and malicious complaints brought against a member of the Sewa Community College under the Sewa Community College Student Complaints Procedures
  • Possession, use, sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs (including so called ‘legal highs’), or being under the influence of the same, on Sewa Community College  premises or at official Sewa Community College  sponsored activities off campus. Prescription drugs would fall into this category if they are sold or distributed, or used by someone other than the named person they were prescribed for
  • Theft or damage, especially malicious or negligent damage, to Sewa Community College  property, or theft or damage to property of the Sewa Community College  community on Sewa Community College  premises or on other premises used by the Sewa Community College . This can include damage to or other interference with computers or software system administration or supplies belonging to the Sewa Community College 
  • Unauthorized use or alteration of Sewa Community College documents or stationery; or fabrication of documents or stationery purporting to be Sewa Community College documents or stationery; or impersonation of Sewa Community College staff, or other persons associated with the Sewa Community College. This includes misuse or unauthorized use of the Sewa Community College name or logo
  • Committing a criminal offense onSewa Community College   premises or while involved in Sewa Community College activities, or other conduct likely to bring the Sewa Community College into disrepute 

The above examples are not exhaustive or exclusive and offenses of a similar nature will be dealt with under this Procedure.


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